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Halifax kitchen Refacing

Cupboard Door Replacement

Posted by sales on July 7, 2013 at 10:40 PM

Before Photo Cupboard Door Replacement That's Fast

               In this after photo above it took one day for new cabinet  doors, countertop and end panel replacement. This is over half the kitchen shown in this photo.

After Cupboard Door Replacement

Considering a kitchen cabinet remodel may be as easy as changing your kitchen cupboard doors. When considering doing a cabinet door
replacement to your kitchen here are some points to consider.   


  • Door hinge and hardware replacement  ...A lot of kitchens that I do require a hinge replacement. Usually the kitchen is 15-20 years old and the hinges are showing their age with the squeaks and saging of the doors. We recommend replacing them with a modern soft close hinge system. 
  •  The colour is staying the same..  If you are happy with the colour of your existing cabinets but just want to create a new look or style. We  have a large selection of PVC doors to match your existing cabinet exteriors. See available PVC Colours    Put our savings in upgrading your storage devices such as Rollouts, Recycle bins, Lazy Susans, Pots and Pans Drawer just to name a few.  It's just like having a new kitchen.


                     Post your questions and we will reply. Even if your are not ready for a kitchen renovation we are here to give you the                            right cost saving  advice.  


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